System Integration in Telecommunication sector to gain traction in the coming times

Expansion in investments in the IT infrastructure across the globe has driven the global market for system integration in the telecommunications sector significantly. Furthermore, increased digitization in several business verticals across the globe has increased the adoption of distributed and economical information technology solutions over the past few years.

Nowadays, telecom operators are vastly spending in renovating their traditional network solutions. This owes to the augmented competition within the telecommunication industry as players are keen to sustain their customer base. This factor is significantly propelling the market for system integration in EMEA, Latin America, and APAC’s telecommunication sector.

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Operational Support System to play a key role in the market growth further

Operational support system (OSS) along with business support system (BSS) provides an abode where the providers could view the customer experience and analyze the further revenue earnings. This has boosted the demand and usage of these solutions in the recent times. Telecommunication market in regions including Asia Pacific, Latin America & EMEA has observed enormous demand for OSS and BSS segment. In addition to this, adoption of OSS & BSS solutions in the aforesaid regions has lucratively driven the market for system integration. This owes to the benefits associated with OSS/BSS solutions as it aids telecommunication enterprises to decrease the customer delivery time.

Earlier, the arrival of novel telecommunication standards including LTE and 3G advanced networks has considerably fueled the need for incorporation of effective OSS solutions to meet the network operational necessities.

The rapid adoption of OSS solutions by telecom service providers has also fueled the demand for system integration. This owes to its intrinsic competency to facilitate topological design and configuration of equipment. Furthermore, OSS considerably helps in network synthesis and network realization as they are the basic requirements for subscribers and operators.

Regional Analysis for System Integration in Telecommunication sector

As mentioned above, the demand for system integration in telecommunication sector is widely expanding in regions that are, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. This is essentially due to developing strength of telecom networks and intensifying urban population in these regions. Also, deployment of various advanced technologies has propelled substantially, escalating the regional demand.

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According to a report, it is estimated that the market for system integration in telecommunications in the aforementioned regions is at US$ 22.5 Bn currently. The market for system integration is expected to grow at the notable 6.3% CAGR and will potentially cross US$ 36.9 billion in values during the forecast period (2016-2025).

Asia Pacific countries will develop at the profitable CAGR of over 7.1%. OSS segment is expected to undergo the highest demand for the system integration solutions and is likely to collect the revenues worth US$ 10.6 billion by the end of the assessment period. On the other hand, Latin America’s system integration industry will gain around 40% of the total revenues from Brazil’s telecommunication’s market. Regions including Argentina and Mexico are likely to witness significant demand in the near future. The overall region is anticipated to rise at the CAGR of 4.4 %. Though, the region is observing fewer adoption of such services owing to high operation costs.

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