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Scientists Found Exotic Matter in the Sun’s Atmosphere

Scientists from France and Ireland took a giant step to have a better picture about the Sun’s atmosphere. Their focus was to find the distinct behavior of matters under extreme conditions of the Sun’s atmosphere. However, scientists discovered something exotic, while culturing the Sun’s environment.

To give attention to the keen details of this poorly understood “fourth state of matter”, scientists used ultraviolet cameras and large radio telescopes. After a deep observation, they came up with the conclusion of plasma matter, which the scientists stated as a major constituent of the entire Universe. Plasma is basically an electrically charged and highly unstable fluid. The presence of this particular matter in the Sun’s atmosphere could be high, scientists predicted. However, the scientists further predict that plasma can hold the key to generate clean and efficient nuclear energy on Earth.

Researchers to Uncover New Plasma Physics on the Sun in Greater Detail than Before

Dr. Eoin Carley, a postdoctoral researcher at Trinity College, Dublin explained the solar atmosphere as a hotbed of extreme activity. He further asserted that the particles in the Sun’s atmosphere traveled close to light-speed. Hence, those particles shone bright at radio wavelengths, which enabled the scientists in monitoring the plasma behavior using large radio telescopes.

The ultraviolet cameras on NASA’s spacecraft showed that the plasma on the Sun often emitted radio pulses. Such outstanding discovery also helped the scientists to know how plasma became unstable, especially in the solar atmosphere.

Peter Gallagher, professor at DIAS says that the plasma’s nuclear fusion promises to generate more stable nuclear energy on Earth. However, the major roadblock here is the instability of nuclear fusion plasma. Therefore, scientists are now emphasizing on finding the root cause of plasma’s instability on the Sun, to learn how to control plasma on Earth.


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