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Robots to Home Deliver Packages

Automotive giant Ford will introduce two-legged robots to deliver packages at your door step. Ford is tying up with a robotic company to bring in self-driving robot that will deliver the package at your door step. ‘Digit’ is the name coined for this robot. This is manufactured by a company called “Agility Robotics.”

How Digit will Function?

It can move around like a human and can lift weight up to 40 pounds. It can climb up and down even on the staircase. Moreover, it can pass through uneven terrains too.  Digit will outperform humans. And, it will not lose its balance when it bumps on to something. It will be able to fold itself and can also fit in the boot of the car. When the destination arrives, it will also unfold itself to deliver the package.

Now, don’t worry about delivery at a right place.  If that’s the question you are thinking about, well Ford plans everything well. Robot shares data with delivery car and work collaboratively. When Digit reaches its destination, the self-driving vehicle provides Digit with relevant data including the way to the main entry. Digit will land itself at the right place and deliver the packages, says Ken Washington, Ford CTO

If Digit finds itself in unknown surroundings, it can send images to the self-driving vehicle. Self-driving vehicle will upload them on cloud, requesting assistance.

Auto giant Ford’s plan capitalizes on robots to deliver packages at the door step is just the beginning of a new era. This will ease up the process and save time for people either going to packaging houses to pick up the parcels. Even for the business to involve a tedious process to deliver the packages.

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