Recreational Vehicles – Modernization in the Automobile World!

A recreational vehicle (RV), popularly known as motorhome/ camper van/caravan is equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Earlier, the caravans were used for practical purposes instead of recreation. This includes offering accommodation for people travelling in hunt of onlookers to display their skill, offering their amenities to aloof employers, or to reach a new place of residing. The modern RV industry in the US had its starts in the late 1920s and 1930s, just after the arrival of the automobile trade.

North America is the leading region for recreational market globally. The region is projected to surpass US$ 26,100 million, and is growing at a noteworthy CAGR of 7.9% over the foreseeable period (2016-2024). The U.S., being the leading market for recreational was estimated to consume around 80% of the total shares of the market till 2016 end.

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The Approach towards Sustainable Environment

With the growing population, the concerns associated with the environmental pollution are expanding rapidly. Eco-friendly recreational vehicles are the new, inimitable and a diverse approach by North America that seems to bring modification in replenishing the growing environmental issues.

Manufacturers are proposing recreational vehicles with new fuel competence and upgraded design. Furthermore, modern models of recreational vehicles are armed with lighter composites and fuel efficient diesel engines, eventually, improving the total fuel efficiency and reducing the emissions.

Likewise, hybrid cars, Recreational vehicles are installed with hybrid models. These models are the amalgamation of diesel engines and batteries. In addition, these RV highly rely on battery power for slower driving and both battery & diesel engines for greater driving speeds. As mentioned above, The North America recreational vehicles market is said to observe the substantial development in the hybrid recreational vehicle segment.

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) can be parked almost anywhere on a residential property, comprising the front driveway, at all times of the year. As stated in Zoning Bylaw 8770, RV that is fifth wheel trailer, motor-home, camper, even when it is not straddling on a truck, can be placed on the ground, making the work more efficient. Although, present protocols permit an RV to be parked on a hard surface and at least 1.2 meters (4 feet) from the inside of the front sidewalk.

Key Trends Boosting the Market

A national trade association, The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) represents recreation vehicle producers and their constituent parts providers. These altogether create more than 98 percent of the total RVs formed in the U.S.

Further, RVIA also delivers free materials to buyers and other publics about RV travel and camping. This association is involved in media activities countrywide in order to educate the populace regarding the profits of RV.

In 2017, RVIA discovered that the wholesale shipments had a strong start with an estimated monthly total of 39,428 units. This signifies 9.7% upsurge when equated to February 2016 total of 35,929.

According to one report, In July 2016, Thor Industries Inc., the leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles in America proclaimed the acquisition of Jayco Corporation for nearly $576 million in cash.

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This deal displays the exquisite and noteworthy prospect in order to augment the evolution of the company’s deliberate devotion on mounting the recreational vehicle market scenario. Precisely, Jayco carries paired products in folding camping trailers, travel trailers, higher Class C motorhomes, and higher-end diesel Class A motorhomes.


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