Polyester Hot Melt Adhesives – Polyester Galore in Textiles

Polyester hot melt adhesives are commonly employed in high-performance applications in the textile industry. These are typically used to bond fabrics. Polyester hot melt adhesives offer high tensile strength, resistance against moisture, and high temperature.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Polyester hot melt adhesives are produced through a reaction between a diol and dicarboxylic acid. Length of the diol chain and concentration of dicarboxylic acid affect properties of polyester hot melt adhesives. Length of the diol chain is directly proportional to the melting point, bond strength, crystallization rate, and weather resistance of the adhesive formulation. Polyester hot melt adhesives offer high-performance bonding of fabrics in high temperature applications. These adhesives have high tensile strength and are used in protective clothing. These adhesives are easy to dispense with a glue gun and cure quickly. This adds to the attractiveness of the product. Additionally, resource saving and operational efficiency achieved with the use of polyester hot melt adhesive products allure price-sensitive buyers to adopt these products in appropriate applications. Drawbacks include fluctuating prices of petroleum-based raw materials, which affect manufacturers’ margins and complex production process.

Market Scenario

Polyester hot melt adhesives are utilized in niche applications and constitute less than a tenth of the hot melt adhesives market. The polyester hot melt adhesives market is driven by rising demand from end-user industries such as packaging, bookbinding, automotive, transportation, textiles, and footwear industries. It is priamrily used in protective jackets, hazmat suits, and fabric applications where high temperature tolerance is essential. Hot melt adhesives offer advantages such as quick curing time, low VOC emissions, and ease of application through a glue gun. Development of new formulations for novel applications in the packaging industry is anticipated offer prospective growth opportunities in the polyester hot melt adhesives market in the near future.

Major share of the market is serviced by small- and medium-sized players. Key global players in the polyester hot melt adhesives market include Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, H. B. Fuller Company, Bostik SA, Eastman Chemical Company, and Sika AG.

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