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Pharmacogenetic tests to Drive Customized Prescription

Pinnacle Ventures, a well-known capital investment firm launched a pharmacogenomics programme. This programme helps performing genetic tests to generate customized prescriptions for the patients.

Research team of Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, a non-profit primary healthcare management firm, New Zealand, performed study. Moreover, the team is researching on including biomarker data into EHRs and connecting it with Clinical-Decision Support Prescription tool. The tool helps the treatment prescribers a straight access to global guidelines and regulations.

Pharmacogenomics is a study of genes to figure out a possible response of therapeutic drugs as per patient’s condition. Further, pharmacogenetics comprise customized prescriptions for the patients, based on one’s genetic structure, metabolism, and their body’s reaction with the particular drug. Different drugs can have different effect on body that decides its effectiveness.

CEO of Pinnacle Group, John Macaskill-Smith stated, “Firm plans to perform around 5,000 pharmacogenetic tests, in coming 12 months.

Ethnicity to Play Vital Part in Clinical Trials

Some of the tests remains self-funded due to people with their treatments. However, rest of team is supported well by the firm, focusing on particular groups among the Midlands population.

CEO states, the test are simply to cover around 60% to 70% of medications, prescribed often in New Zealand. Moreover, the healthcare system in the nation is under stress. Yet through these tests, one can decrease trials and errors of prescribing, along with limiting reactions to certain medications, John said further.

Ethinicity of a person holds an important role in a way in which the body metabolizes drugs. Nevertheless, clinical trials, on which the prescriptions are based, hardly consider tangata whenua people while testing.

Pinnacle Ventures is also collaborating with Auckland University, key kiwi groups, and Otago University, along with Callaghan Innovation. This is to add to the research contributions for a better understanding of the way New Zealand responds to various medications.

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