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Novel Micro-Robots Set to Serve Home based Dental Services

Say bye to hectic dentist visits as researchers in the University of Pennsylvania have successfully developed a microscopic robotic crew. These robots crew can efficiently remove dental biofilm, or plaque from a tooth without a need for you to visit at clinic. The innovation is a result of  cross-disciplinary partnership among biologists, dentists, and engineers.

Magnets directed micro-robots setup comprises of two systems- one to work on surface and other to operate inside confined spaces. These combination helps dentist have a control over the complete activity performed by robots.  Images of the biofilms from micro cameras or other medical imaging technologies help define the motion of the robots.

Advantages of Opting Micro-Robots Over Dentist

Apart from removing biofilms, these robots can also help in removing sticky amalgamations of bacteria in a protective scaffolding. There are several benefits of employing micro-robots instead of visiting doctors for treating biofilms. Some of them are reducing risk of tooth decay, implant contamination and endodontic infections, and.

In addition to this, the technology based biofilm removal procedure also eliminates several glitches in the present treatment methods. Manual bio removal is incapable of simultaneously working on three major aspects of bio film removal- degrading bio covering, killing embedded bacteria, and finally removing biodegraded products. Thus there is always a chance of it taking hold and re-growing decreases substantially. Whereas these robots can perform all three task at once without leaving a trace of biofilm to re-grow.

For dentist, the technology will help save on manual labor and also reduce the complication in fixing tooth decay.

Thus the novel achievement is beneficial for both patients as well dentists.

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