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Nephrology & urology is a mature market segment in the healthcare industry that offers a variety of technologies providing treatment for diseases of the urinary system. Transparency Market Research (, a leading U.S.-based market research firm, analyzes the market for nephrology & urology devices and predicts a compounded annual growth rate of 6.4% for the period 2012 to 2018.

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The nephrology & urology market comprises of devices for treating renal failure, incontinence, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or swelling of the prostate gland in males. The major diseases that population suffers from are conditions such as BPH, renal calculus or kidney stone and incontinence. On a global level, millions of people undergo lithotripsy procedures for treatment of kidney stones and is one of the most common conditions affecting people. The market for treating these diseases consists of devices such as pessaries, dialysis machines, lithotripsy, stents, neuromodulation, prostatic stents, vaginal meshes and slings among various other devices.

The market is particularly expanding in the incontinence segment with aging population being a major driver for increased incidence of urinary incontinence. Increasing obesity and sedentary lifestyle has also lowered the age of population that is affected by incontinence. This condition arises when a person loses control of sphincter muscles of the bladder and urinates without the presence of natural urge. This condition can be highly debilitating emotionally for a person and usually results in severe loss of confidence. TMR estimates show that there is a rising incidence of incontinence in the teenagers as well as adults, which is psychologically scarring for them. Current treatment for incontinence is helpful as the devices used are obscure and cannot be realized.

Geriatric incontinence is a very large market that has, in recent years, seen the arrival of advanced technologies such as sacral neurostimulation device. This device is expected to grow into the market under the banner of Medtronic, Inc. The company has continually strived to introduce novel technologies for treating old and new diseases affecting large populations.

Other devices such as ureteral stents and pessaries form a highly fragmented market. There have been several incidences of litigations against manufacturers of vaginal meshes and slings that have eventually led to intense surgical procedures, resulting in infections and even loss of vital parts. Although the market is quite mature, new technologies such as neurostimulation continue to push the nephrology & urology devices market in terms of revenue and seeking treatment for more diseases in the future.

The key players in this segment are Baxter-Gambro, which is now considered to be the leader after the acquisition of Gambro by Baxter, followed by other companies such as Nikkiso, Nipro, Cook Medical and Dornier Medtech among several other device manufacturers.

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