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NASA Begins to Test Drones in Cities

NASA launches national management systems for drones. Its four-year-old effort is going to be a reality soon. It is all set to test them in busy cities for the first time ever. Future will witness these unmanned drones driving above high rise buildings and streets in cities.

In a series of simulations, multiple drones fly over the air. Moreover, these drones will be one-of-its-kind unmanned aircraft in future. It will deliver pizzas, packages, and medical supplies in future.

David Korsmeyer, Associate Research & Technology Director says, this is the most technical and challenging activity with unmanned airlift system ever.

 How will Future Drones Manoeuver?

 An autonomous drone takes off from a five storey building and lands on the roof of another building across the street. While flying, it carries onboard sensors to adjust with heavy winds and return safely.

Multiple drones are equipped with GPS tracking systems connected to NASA computers. They fly not above the street lights, however, they are able to avoid collision.

These tests are also taking place at rural and remote areas. Federation Aviation Administration authorizes multiple drone for the first time in its history.

Chris Walach, Executive Director- Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems says, the new phase of tests will continue cities of Texas. He further adds that this is the first time the simulations is taking all the scenario into consideration. Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems will be carrying out these tests at Reno.

He also says, it is unbelievable that we are at a juncture of success. None of us thought of such an impressive results at the beginning of the project. The research team adopts crawl, walk and run philosophy, says Ron Johnson, Project Manager for unmanned aircraft management system. He adds that we are at a stage of ‘Run’ now.

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