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Nanotechnology to Bid Goodbye to Implant Infections

Robotics, machine learning, electronics, and nanotechnology have made once severe procedures like hernia risk-free and less stressful. Patients no longer worry about recurrence and are able to walk out of the hospital a day after the procedure.

Say No to Infection Now

The patient’s medical implants are subject to bacterial infection at the time of surgery. However, now surgical mesh can help to prevent this challenge. Surgical meshes contain biofilms that acts as a plastic agent. They can prevent bacterial infection allowing antibiotic agents to attack on the film over the surgical wound. This helps patients keep infections at bay and avoid further complications.

A recent study in Nano Letters publishes and highlights Nature Photonics. It sates about a novel technique coined by ICFO researchers Dr. Ignacio de Miguel and his team. It points out that this technique uses photonics and nanotechnology to enhance the functionality of meshes in surgical implants.

Research team works collaboratively with B. Braun Surgical, S.A. company to chemically modify the mesh to cast host of gold nanoparticles as can convert light to heat. Further, conversion of light to heat provides efficient performance at local region of the surgery.

After modifying the mesh, researchers expose it to bacterial until biofilm forms in that region. While doing so, they illuminate the mesh at a specific frequency. This converts light into heat. Further, they use confocal microscope to view the amount of bacteria that is destroyed by this technique. They find that the bacteria destroys and peels off from the biofilm. Alternatively, they confirm that this technique is compatible to in-vivo settings. In other words, this technique will not destroy good tissues.

Dr. Pau Turon, Research Director of B Braun surgical says, they are extending this technique to other areas of surgeries.

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