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Nanotechnology-Enhanced Biochip Identifies Minute Levels of Diseases

Spotting minute amounts of pathogens flowing in the bloodstream is a difficult task for healthcare providers. This is a stumbling block in treating and detecting cancer. Researchers are hoping to bridge this gap through inventing a novel electrochemical biosensing device which identifies the biomarkers-emitted signals. Hence, researchers are emphasizing on disease detection with the power of electrical sensing.

Bharath Babu Nunna, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering is on the front to develop a nanotechnology-enhanced biochip. He is ideating to detect malaria, cancers, and other viral diseases in their early stages using the biochip. According to Nunna, a pin-prick blood test helps in screening the hidden, deadly cancer cells.

Nanotechnology-enhanced biochip includes a microfluidic channel for passing a small amount of blood to a sensing platform. Biological agents, which usually bind targeted biomarkers of disease, coat the sensing platform. Therefore, after coming in contact with biomarkers, the platform triggers an electrical nanocircuit which generate signals.

Early Disease Detection Significantly Improve Patients’ Treatment Outcomes

The device’s core innovation is the potential in separating blood plasma within microfluidic channels. This is because of blood plasma’s capacity in carrying the disease biomarkers. Thus, separating blood plasma is necessary for enhancing the ‘signal to noise ratio’ to achieve precise results.

Nunna adds, using nanoscale platform in disease detection promises to identify disease in lower and deeper levels. In addition to this, separating blood plasma also helps in concentrating the disease biomarkers.

Diagnosing potential deadly diseases at the early stages is the only key to save lives along with improving patients’ treatments. It is advantageous for healthcare to include such diagnostic platforms which provide instant results at the healthcare professional’s office.

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