Key Applications of Acetone as Industrial Solvent in Product Manufacturing

Dissolution properties of acetones are reckoned profitable for manufacturing products across multiple industrial verticals. The applicability of acetones as an industrial solvent in world-known, regarding it as one of the most essential raw chemical among all industrial sectors. Almost every other type of acetone being formulated by scientists gets approved for commercial or large scale production, pushing forth its existence as a leading industrial solvent.

A recent study conducted by Future Market Insights projects that demand for acetone as solvents will be a key driver for the global acetone market. Acetones will continue to be the preferential industrial solvent for production of paints & coatings. The chemically-distinctive composition of acetones is considered to be beneficial for industries that need solvents with variable boiling points. Temperatures at which acetones reach boiling point and dissolve the solute remains to be affordable for several manufacturers. Furthermore, the density of acetone-based compounds is also favourable for production of raw materials such as high viscosity epoxies used in coatings and paints. Other properties of acetones that render it a better solvent alternative for coatings and paints is its polarity scales which help balance the chemical stability of end-products.

However, the volatile nature of acetones has lowered its adoption across numerous industries. Demand for water-based solvents is growing in the global paints & coatings industry, threatening the sales of acetones in the coming years. Additionally, scientific advancements have led towards development of green solvents or bio-based solvents. Such alternatives are imposing a greater challenge for manufacturers of acetone by compelling them to change their production techniques.

According to the report, global revenues amassed from the use of acetone in solvent applications will exhibit an estimated incremental opportunity of US$ 1,169.3 million, expanding at 5.3% CAGR during the forecast period 2016-2026. Nevertheless, the largest end-user of acetones, globally, is expected to industries manufacturing chemicals and allied products. Thus, the demand for acetone in paints & coatings industries might be lowered in the period of next ten years, but acetones will continue to be a prominent industrial raw material for production of chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Also, companies producing synthetic fibres, plastics, and other polymerized materials on a large scale will continue using acetone for thinning polyester resins, dissolving dual-apart epoxies & superglues before they turn hard, and for cleaning tools. The use of acetones as industrial solvents will remain prominent in varnish manufacturing industries. The volatility of acetones becomes a prerequisite for production of varnishes, eventually strengthening the growth in the revenues in global acetone market. Acetones are also being used as industrial solvent in production of adhesives, printing inks and for dissolving binders.

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Production of pharmaceutical chemicals is also a key application for acetones. Acetones are used as a denaturant in production of denatured alcohol, and as an excipient for production of drugs and medicines from active pharmaceutical ingredients. Since a majority of world’s manufacturing sector is concentrated in Asian countries such as China, India and South Korea, the consumption of acetone will remain the highest in the Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region. Meanwhile, the surging building construction industry in Middle East & Africa is also projected to demand acetone at higher rate. North America and Western Europe will also remain some of the leading regions in the global acetone market during the forecast period.

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