Herbal Supplements Market in New Zealand and Australia to Grow Lucratively Via E-Commerce Platforms

A massive section of global populace is contributing to the augmenting demand for herbal supplements. This is chiefly owing to the supplementary health benefits of herbal supplements. Also, several regions are increasingly focusing on adopting novel eatable products and medicines in nutritionally scarce diets in order to gain market prominence. This is escalating the demand for herbal supplements as several consumers who take these supplements as medications are on a surge.

Key supplements in the New Zealand and Australia herbal supplements market comprise digestive & heart supplement, beauty supplement, bone& joint supplement, and brain supplement. Other types of herbal supplements include the supplement for the immune system, supplement for weight loss, bodybuilding supplement, and others.

Currently, digestive and health supplements segment is leading the market. It is anticipated to reach close to US$ 90 million in 2017. The segment is rising at the CAGR of 8.5% throughout the predictable period of 2016 to 2025. It is expected to consume the value shares of US$ 150 million by the end of 2025. In New Zealand and Australia, herbal supplements are observing highest demand in digestive and heart products applications, largely by the adult populace.

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The consumption of herbal supplements helps in improving immunity and have zero side effects. Expanding demand for heart health supplements in these region will aid the market growth of herbal supplements. Some of the leading manufacturers operating in the global herbal supplements market encompass Blackmores Limited, Deep Blue Health (NZ) Co. Limited, Vitaco Holdings Limited, Phytomed, and Bioglan.

Key Drivers in the Australia and New Zealand Herbal Supplements Market

Internet: Online retailing channels are playing a major role in stimulating the demand for herbal supplements. The product penetration is high via these networks. Sales of health and digestive supplements via e-commerce is gaining traction exponentially in New Zealand and Australia. Thus, expanding internet penetration along with increased adoption of smartphones will propel the industry demand for herbal supplements. This is driving market players to get involved in agreements and partnerships. The manufacturers ultimately aim to enhance the distribution network and boost their herbal supplements production capacity.

Health Disorders: Customers are increasingly consuming herbal supplements in order to prevent certain health issues. Herbal supplements have significant ability to cure the chronic disorders. Thus, in order to treat cardiovascular diseases, people are increasingly using herbal supplements. According to the analysis, people are also using herbal supplements to cure digestive problems. These supplements help the consumers to become more robust to generic diseases. This is fueling the need for adoption of herbal supplements

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Market players are also focusing on using herbal supplements for beauty and cosmetic care production as well. This is considerably spurring the industry growth. According to a report, the herbal supplements market in New Zealand and Australia will reach around US$ 439 million by 2017 end. These two regions will rise at the impressive CAGR of 7.2 % during the predictable period. Though, rising consumer preference towards conventional supplements may restrain the market demand for digestive and heart supplements segment. Increasing number of consumers opting for pseudo herbal products is also hampering the herbal supplements demand in these regions.

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