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Google’s Venture into BI to Transform Business Metrics

Looker is an intelligence firm that helps consumers explore, evaluate and share business analytics in real time. Looker founders set out in 2011 to address an important question: information generation. Widespread IT systems disrupt business. The outcome often is due to unworkable fragile Frankenstacks.

Looker has also developed its own language, called LookML, so that complex SQL statements don’t have to be learned. The business has been able to get a lot of traction due to these differentiations.

New Business Head Speeds Things Up for Google

Google Cloud, that rivals Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s AWS, offers its customers real-time streaming to aid large-scale data management.  Yet, Google cloud remains a deceptive No. 3 on the market, even with high investments and ongoing innovation. But a courageous step is taken by the new divisional chief, Thomas Kurian, to acquire Looker by shelling out $2.6 billion. This is, in fact, the third biggest procurement Google has ever made.

In order to grow Google’s cloud company, Google acquires data analytics company Looker for a total of $2.6 billion. CEO Frank Bien, Managing Director of Looker, is joining Google Cloud with the company’s management team. Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO will be reported by Bien.

What does the Acquisition Mean for BI?  

The agreement between Google and Looker will also shake the sector up in large ways. Both the cloud-based operators share approximately 350 customers such as WPP, Hearst, and BuzzFeed. And in the future, the development of the platform has significant potential. Google, for instance, has an impressive range of embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) functions.

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