Golf Carts -“The Canny Internal Transportation Solution”

The boost in the economic development of the country is positively impacting the urban as well as industrial growth across India. Furthermore, with many commercial as well as industrial products thriving the worldwide market, golf carts are at the evolving scale across several business verticals.

Regions such as Florida and California own the enormous amount of retirement communities. Therefore, these areas are experiencing the highest demand for gold carts, largely in urban areas. The senior populace there strongly believes that golf carts are economical and easily accessible as compared to the regular cars.  Driving regular cars requires much of technology as well as machinery tasks which become difficult for old age populace to manage. Additionally, golf carts are easy to maintain and are relatively energy efficient. That is why people in South Florida are adopting this evolving trend of using their street-legal golf carts to travel to work or other household purposes.

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Golf-Carts – The Modern Mode of Transport

Golf carts are measured to run at a speed of 25-50 kmph, this usually relies on the vehicle’s approach of maneuver. India is observing huge demand in golf carts, considering the fact that they are one of the favorable modes of transportation, especially in urban zones. As golf carts offer sustainability and reliability, several industry verticals with vast office premises are taking initiatives to adopt these carts as their internal mode of transportation.

Golf carts have high maintenance costs and low-quality assistances. In addition, India is witnessing the lack of standards & regulations associated with the overall production process of these carts. This results in the poor manufacturing, resulting to low-quality golf carts. Also, it is stated that approximately 30% of the golf course in the nation are said to be commercialized. Even though the aforesaid factors may display negative impact in the Indian market, the country is still undergoing huge expansion with golf carts market.

Golf Clubs –The Leading Customer of Golf Carts in India

Golf clubs are said to be the leading customer of the product. Golf Carts are majorly being used in these clubs and were estimated at 140 crores in 2016. Further, it is likely to observe an enormous growth of 22.2 crores by the end of 2024. It was also calculated that golf clubs are expanding at the robust CAGR of more than 12% during the foreseeable period of 2016-2024. The government, as well as various administrations such as The Indian Golf of Tourism Association and The Indian Golf Union, are taking several initiatives and steps in order to endorse the golf tourism across the nation.

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Other end-users such as Railways, Hotel/Resorts, and Airports are also observing massive interest by Indian inhabitants. This owes to rising adoption of golf carts in commercial as well as industrialized zones. During the present times, several organizations are seeking to invest on lenient government regulations over the operation of golf carts. This is executed by the deployment of a huge number of carts for advertisements as well as promotional activities in order to expand their business. That is why, golf carts demand in India is likely to reach more than 11 crores by 2024.

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