Glycine to gain importance in the production of animal feed over the coming years

Glycine is the significant component in popular protein rich foods such as legumes, fish, dairy products, meat, and others. Glycine also plays a vital role in the human body as it helps produce different acids within the body comprising porphyrins, nucleic acids, bile acids, and others. Furthermore, glycine regulates and supports many other fundamental functions in the human body. Proteinogenic amino acids are significantly used in the production of various consumer goods. Glycine, the smallest amino acid plays a vital role in the production of cosmetic, glyphosate-based drugs and also in meat and poultry products. The demand for glycine is anticipated to gain recognition also in the production of animal feed in the coming times. The global market for glycine is expanding at the sluggish pace during the projected period (2016-2024). The current market value of the global glycine industry is around US$ 875 million and the industry is further anticipated to rise at the CAGR of 3.9%.

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Significant Benefits of Glycine in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

Over the past few years, glycine market has been profited by the amplified demand essentially in personal care products. Upsurge in demand for glycine in the production of personal care products for animals has significantly stimulated the market growth in the recent times. Regions such as North America are lucratively influenced by the same. Increased in livestock production such as cattle, broiler, and swine in the aforementioned region has considerably stimulated the demand for animal feed additives. Therefore, this also escalates the meat consumption, driving the market demand for glycine in the region.

Glycine reduces the acidity of other ingredients in products for instance cosmetics and antiperspirants. The cosmetics industry is said to be one of the leading consumers for glycine. The industry has been witnessing massive demand recently. This owes to the change in lifestyle of the consumers, mainly middle- class people adopting the lavish lifestyle.

The usage of glycine in cosmetic and personal care products as an additive is around 30% in the US market. The key products comprise antiperspirants and deodorants. Key products for animal consumption encompassing nutraceuticals, pet food and vitamins uses glycine as an intermediary material. According to few projections, the usage of glycine is around 55% in the products consumed by animals in the US region.

The Forthcoming Market for Glycine

Restrains associated with the anti-dumping duties may hamper the growth for glycine in the near future. Antidumping duty is the tax imposed by local governments on the foreign imports. On the other hand, volatility in material costs has hindered the manufacturing of glycine based products, negatively affecting the consumption of glycine at the global scale. Devaluing prices of glycine is also said to be the distressing factor for the top-notch manufacturers across the globe as it results in reduction of the profit margins.

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Glycine as an industrial agent is attaining substantial recognition in the manufacturing of animal feed. Projections say that in the coming years every two tons of glycine consumed will be feed grade. By the end of the predicted period, technical grade glycine will accumulate significant revenues with the estimated CAGR of 4.5%. Animal feed production will consume for over 50% of the total glycine demand by the end of the forecast period.

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