Global Ozone Generation Market

Primozone has been opted for a project on odor control at the Mestilla biodeisel plant situated in Lithuania. Primozone is a leading innovative Swedish ozone generator supplier and provides products which are reliable, more efficient, and easy to maintain.


The biodiesel plant is located in a heavily crowded region in the port of Klaipeda, so the distinctive smell is a problem to the neighborhood. Also, the generator contains spare capacity to upgrade, so if Mestilla would ever want to expand plant production, it is possible in the future without substituting the existing system. Linas Agro Group AB is the major partner in Mestilla, and Statoil owns 49 percent of the shares.

Primozone Production AB and Ozone Water Systems, Inc., have entered into a new strategic partnership for the United States. According to the terms of the compliance, the sales, service and promotional responsibility of the ozone generators manufactured by Primozone will be taken by Ozone Water Systems.

Hospital wastewater is very harmful as it contains a mixture of pharmaceuticals, contagious pathogens, resistant bacteria, and other chemicals. So finding a solution for removing residue from wastewater, Herlev Hospital in Denmark has made an order to Primozone to supply ozone generators.

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