Global Demand for PP Homopolymers Projected to Grow Steadily as Packaging Sector Makes the Shift to Eco-friendly Raw Materials

As the discussion on climate change and global warming gain centre stage, the onus on curtailing carbon emissions has shifted to governments and global corporations. In the backdrop of mounting pressure from environmentalists and not-for-profit organisations, some progress has been made on implementing stringent measures to check the level of pollutants emitted by industries. However, considering the scale and pace at which climate change is impacting us, it will require a conscientious, pro-active approach on part of global organisations to stymie it from having catastrophic consequences.

Adoption of products and raw materials that have relatively lesser carbon emissions can be an effective method of dealing with the challenge of environmental pollution. Industries around the world are make the shift to raw materials that have lesser carbon footprint. In the backdrop of these concerns, the demand for polypropylene – both homopolymers and copolymers – has witnessed a steady increase. PP Homopolymers (PPH) in particular, have been gaining traction in the packaging and automotive sector. The global market for PP Homopolymer is worth US$ 42.87 Bn, and it is projected to expand at a CAGR of 5.5% through 2026. The key trends shaping up the global PP Homopolymer market include,

  1. Extensive Application

Resistant to various chemical solvents, acids and bases, PP Homopolymers find application in innumerable domains ranging from packaging, stationery, textiles, polymer banknotes, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers, automotive components and plastic parts. Owing to reasonably economical attributes and its opaque nature that can be pigmented in various hues, PP Homopolymers is gaining traction across various domains. Further, owing to its strong resistance to fatigue, it finds applications in production processes such as injection moulding, producing films and various other extrusions.

  1. Ease of Extraction from Atmosphere

Presence of excessive level of CO2 in atmosphere has significantly contributed to natural disasters and global warming, outcome of which is extreme weather conditions. However, there are various companies such as Newlight Technologies that utilise presence of carbon in atmosphere, through extraction process and utilize them as a substitute of oil. Such technology helps recover stability in extreme levels of climatic conditions and unprecedented natural disasters, in parallel with enabling innumerable companies find application of PP Homopolymer in production process in various domains. Increase in application of PP Homopolymer can help strike a balance between high industrial output and environmental conservation.

  1. Geographical Analysis:

In terms of geographical analysis, the PP Homopolymer market in APEJ is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.8% during the forecast period. It is predicted to account for nearly 39% revenue share of the global market in 2016. Adoption of PP Homopolymers is also growing strongly in emerging regions; the Middle East & Africa (MEA) PP Homopolymer market is projected to grow at over 5% CAGR through 2026.

  1. Technical Development

Increasing application of PP Homopolymers has benefitted production of an array of automobiles equipped with enhanced services and technology. Furthermore, supplementing production process with its moulding capabilities, PP Homopolymers enable manufacturers to bring innovative designs to reality, especially in digital packaging. Further, PP Homopolymers also find application as laboratory equipment for research and development purposes. Owing to such applications, PP Homopolymers contribute towards production, innovation and development in various domains.

  1. Lucrative Option

PP Homopolymer can be processed in myriad ways during production process and can be recycled post manufacture or application of products. Owing to its electrical insulating attributes, PP Homopolymer easily finds application in production processes of automotive sector and fabrication technology. As PP Homopolymer possesses attributes such as chemical, acid and bases resistant along with relatively better elasticity and toughness, it serves as a lucrative option to pick among other polymers during production process.

While there are innumerable polymers available in the market, an upsurge in application of PP Homopolymer is witnessed among innumerable manufacturers and companies. Owing to its lucrative attributes and reasonably economical feature, application of PP Homopolymers is expected to escalate in demand, which, in turn is expected to contribute toward growth of the global PP Homopolymers market in the long run.

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