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Epsagon Launches Server less Monitoring to Embrace Wider Micro Services

Epsagon, the Israeli startup is launching a new server less monitoring architecture. Although server less monitoring is not new in the market. The company did not want to limit itself to just monitoring limited applications. This new approach will cover broader area in micro services development. It uses AWS LAMBDA tool to monitor server less micro services. The company announced its success in monitoring the broader micro services using new methods.

Founder and CEO Nitzan Shapira says, the product was primarily aimed at tracing, monitoring, and troubleshooting for Lambda ecosystem. However, with the new approach there has been a massive shift in the ecosystem which is beyond Lambda.

Deployment of Serverless Architecture

This approach aims at gaining a broader view of server less architecture in modern application comprising micro services. When such approaches are applied in modern applications it is not feasible to keep a watch on the process. However, developers needs to gain a transparency in the process of application. To facilitate this, the company is working towards launching a unique tracing and logging tool.

With the help of advanced engineering, the developers are able to trace the micro services application using the tracing and logging tool in a single platform, which is impressive and valuable, says the Founder.

Shapira further adds, the company planning to broaden its idea and support on to more frameworks. Lambda is just one of many existing frameworks. The company is brainstorming for out of the box ideas to allow such tracing on different tools. They intend to provide support to make other frameworks also popular.

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