Engel Supplies Automotive Plastics Machinery To BMW At Leipzig

LEIPZIG, GERMANY – Engel, an Austrian based company and one of the world’s leading machinery manufacturers, has announced that it will be providing its highly sophisticated machinery to BMW’s automotive factory at Leipzig, Germany. BMW is to manufacture lightweight and better automotive parts for their automobile body structures.BMW


Engel has not confirmed any reports, but the Leipzig factory is the home of the BMW i3, an electric car which is currently under production at the facility, and speculations over whether Engel’s injection molding systems would be used to produce body parts for the electric car are yet to be corroborated by either company.


Engel, in a press statement, revealed that the latest delivery consisted of a couple of Duo injection molding machines, one with 4,000 metric tons and the other with 2,700 metric tons of clamping force. These highly sensitive and performance-based machines have been reported to be integrated with Engel’s Ecodrive System, an energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable technology.


Due to confidentialty agreements, Engel has been unable to release details on the number of machines being supplied to BMW, but has stated in its press release that the Leipzig facility contains a couple of large capacity Duo machines of similar clamping force installed in-line in the form of double systems. This setup has apparently been created to enable flexibility in production, as the two machines can be separated and re-fitted with various types and sizes of molds for production convenience.


Engel reported that the machines have been equipped with an automated mold changing feature called the multi-axis robot which is menu-driven and also with display screens for data tracing. This pre-planned assembly is expected to provide the user with a means to manufacture a wide assortment of car parts on the same production line in the future.

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