Editorial Guidelines

EuroPlat is online press release distribution network. We encourage users to submit newsworthy content of their websites, products and/or services.

We realize that there is no simple way to maintain integrity of content over an online news site where the content is submitted by users; however we strictly follow guidelines listed below which are followed by our editors to make sure every article / news is published with the appropriate content.


EuroPlat encourages the submission of newsworthy stories related to but not limited to:

  • Stories which can make positive impact.
  • Stories of individuals or organizations fighting for justice.
  • Stories of research and new technologies
  • International issues and local issues.

EuroPlat will not accept following content

  • Press Release submission acting as a spam in any form, we reserve the right to determine what is considered as spam.
  • Wrong and misleading Press Release including but not limited to the impersonation or disinformation of any individual/ organization.
  • Press Release/ Article or any submission containing negative comments or advocate hatred for any race, gender, culture, creed, class, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.
  • Press Release/ Article or any submission that uses EuroPlat as a battle ground with other individual/groups/organizations.
  • Press Release/ Article or any submission in any formats or languages that cannot be read.
  • Press Release/ Article or any submission that contain any duplicate content.
  • Press Release/ Article or any submission that contains any obscene and adult natured content but not limited to pornography or x-rated material.
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