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Discarded Bicycles Find New Homes Thanks to Myanmar Entrepreneur

In many nations, including Singapore, bike sharing has failed. Lots of bikes are left behind:  some fresh and unused, and some broken or lacking. The most convenient and inexpensive way of transport is by bicycles. Thus, many used bicycles from Thailand and Japan find ways to Myanmar.

Myanmar businessman Mike Than Tun Win has seen the ideal chance to transform trash into treasure. Mike said many bikes from oBike, ofo and Mobike businesses should be discarded and sold in recycling plants. Some of these bicycles are new and unused.

Lesswalk, a Mynamar-based non-profit, purchased the bikes in April, and will begin delivering it at the end of this month. Third parties such as warehouse workers in Singapore and Malaysia sell these bicycles. Mike refurbishes the bikes before sending them out to young people and relatives residing in Myanmar’s rural villages.

Than’s Plans with the Bicycles

Than completed most of his education from Singapore. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, before returning to Myanmar in 2011 to begin several companies including trading firms. He is an ex-Victoria School and Temasek Junior College student.

The company purchased 10,000 bicycles in Singapore and Malaysia over the last three months. Of these, 4000 come from sales and auctions of the warehouses in Singapore, and mostly unused Ofo and OBike bicycles. Than says he was ready to cover everything for himself, but after hearing his movement, his close friends chipped in as corporate sponsors.

Mike expects to supply the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese and Netherlands with surplus bikes to proceed with his project. He hopes it will inspire more individuals to do the same thing to assist needy individuals.

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