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Cyber Attacks Accompanies Changing Technological Landscape

The inception of World Wide Web was done in 1989 and since then it has come a long way. Today it has more than two billion websites. The whole world has shrunk into one small global village where connectivity plays a significant role. Internet is almost single-handedly responsible for fast-forwarding technological progress to some hundred years ahead.

However, such technological progress comes with its share of problems too. The world has taken a giant stride from the physical to the digital landscape and security threats have altered its nature as well. It has gone from physical to cyber. More attacks take place in the cyber world than anywhere else.

Small Businesses Make Ideal Targets for Cyberattacks 

As per a U.K-based mobile, online and digital market research specialists, Juniper Research, cyber crimes have led to a loss of US$2 trillion. With such vulnerabilities related to online activities, organizations are heavily investing in the training of employees and cybersecurity software and processes. Recent ransomware attacks and online frauds have fuelled the need for cybersecurity.

The cyber attackers follow a certain pattern and they have gained expertise in their line of activities.  Almost half of all cyberattacks target small businesses. Proprietors of small businesses often overlook the need for cybersecurity. They tend to think that they are not at risk, as nobody would attack small businesses of theirs. They consider themselves not even worthy of cyberattacks, and that is what makes them the ideal targets for such attacks.

The United States is considered as the technological hub, yet only 10% of the total cybercrimes are reported. This is because they are often difficult to prove. Bitcoin created a wonderful system of digital currencies. Bitcoins offers safety, anonymity, and quick transfer. Nonetheless, it reported illegal activities worth US$ 76 billion involved bitcoins.

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