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Curcumin helps Prevent Stomach Cancer, Says Research

Researchers at UNIFESP conducted a study on medicinal bnefits of turmeric and found that it has an ability to prevent or combat stomach cancer. Curcumin is an ancient spice that impacts color and flavor of food.

The researchers are targeting several natural compounds to cure chronic diseases.  According to researchers, curcumin has vital compounds such as cholecalciferol, resveratrol, and quercetin . These compounds are known as natural regulators of histone activity.

Plants Found in Amazon are Next Target of Researchers
To prove this researchers conducted a survey on histone acetylation pattern in stomach cells of healthy persons and cancer patients. The researchers studied the behavior of these cells. As a result, they found that cells in cancer patients displayed alterations in pattern of expression of histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs). These alterations are epigenetic and affect the structure and integrity of the genome in many tumors, including stomach cancer.

Recent research proves that nutrients and bioactive compounds can regulate the activity of HATs and HDACs. Hence, scientists at UNIFESP and UFPA set out to identify any evidence that might influence histone acetylation. As a result, help prevent stomach cancer or even treat the disease.

We now plan to clarify the anticancer and epigenetic effects of bioactive compounds derived from plants in the Amazon. The plants likeaçaí [Euterpe oleracea] and nanche or hogberry [Byrsonima crassifolia], may find future use in prevention and treatment of stomach cancer.

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