Consumer Network Storage Systems to Witness High Demand among Residential Sector

Consumer network attached storage (NAS) market has gained substantial demand over the past few years owing to troubles in managing huge volume of data. These systems are equipped with improved web interfaces that make user access the files more proficiently. Apart from stored data, this system adroitly handles storage for internet downloads as well. Residential along with small and medium enterprises are said to be the leading consumer in the global market. NAS systems provide cost effective solutions, thus, enterprises are increasingly adopting these systems in order to attain improved productivity. Developing economies are progressively implementing these systems across mid-scale industries, which is boosting the demand for NAS systems. Benefits such as centralized control and shared storage of these systems are considerably driving its demand among smaller organizations also. Departments in smaller organizations mainly look for shared storage with centralized control, this is the chief reason these systems are observing popularity among smaller organizations. Consumer network attached storage has the flexibility to share volume between multiple hosts. This is another factor stimulating the NAS demand among small and medium enterprises.

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Benefits of Employing Network Attached Storage Systems

Consumers prefer these systems to record crucial data. Consumer network attached storage facilitates in reducing the overall cost of ownership mainly for small business owners and enterprises. Traditional storage systems are comparatively expensive when compared to these systems in terms of handling the centralized storage location. Therefore, the adoption of modern NAS models has escalated owing to its less cost of handling.

Also, the design of network attached storage system helps in abolishing the chance of disk failure. This owes to its more consolidated design. This significantly aids in reducing the total storage costs of the system. Consumer network attached storage systems offer greater profit of information management. Along with this, lower cost of ownership of these systems is anticipated to play a vital role in augmenting its global demand among small and medium enterprises.

These systems considerably enhance the overall performance as they are equipped with the high- performance backup. Further, efficient restore capability of these systems notably helps in solving issues concerned with backup. Efficient access to shared data has become critical nowadays. This owes to the paradigm modifications from server–centric to data-centric models among the computing environments. Consumer NAS systems provide efficient access to shared data in an easier and less complex way without any performance inaccuracy.

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Regional analysis

North America small and medium enterprises segment will collect the highest revenues for consumer network attached storage in the coming times. The residential end user, on the other hand, will record for the high year on year growth rates during the forecast period (2016-2024). According to the projections, it will grow at the CAGR of over 14.5% during the aforementioned assessment period.

Latin America’s small and medium enterprises market is developing at the CAGR of over 12.3% and residential segment is expected to consume for significant shares by the end of the forecast period. In the Asia Pacific region, small and medium enterprises will lead the market and will approximately account for over 60% of the total revenues by the end of the predicted period.

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