Construction Textile Market in India: Trends & Opportunities

The Indian construction textiles market is shaping up to be a profitable segment in the country’s technical textiles sector, and this progress is majorly contributed by the growing applications of buildtech and geotech textiles. Over the past few years, the Indian technical Textile Association has reported a considerable rise in the domestic consumption of construction textiles. Buildtech textiles are primarily used in the construction of buildings, bridges and tunnels while geotech textiles are employed in laying down roads and pavements. In India, tents, awnings, marquees, signage and other temporary structures are also the working applications of construction textiles. As the Indian Ministry of Textiles has recorded significant growth in the buildtech and the geotech textile segments, it is important to assess which prominent trends are developing lucrative opportunities for the growth of India’s construction textile market.

Trends for Buildtech Textiles in India

Build-technical textiles or buildtech textiles are rigid, fibre-reinforced and composite construction textiles used as structural substitutes for wood in the construction of architectural edifices.

  • In India, buildtech textiles are widely used in the temporary construction of hoardings, scaffolding nets, and signages.
  • Over the years, the building construction sector in India has extensively adopted the use of buildtech textiles for façade foundations systems, insulation and proofing processes, noise prevention, building safety measures and concrete reinforcement.
  • The residential segment of India’s construction industry is exhibiting a surging trend in terms of consumption of HDPE tarpaulins, which are widely used for their thickness and durability.
  • Several restaurants and hotels in India are using buildtech textiles such as awnings and canopies to add some aesthetic appeal to their roof designs. The high tenacity of such construction textiles has proven helpful for installation of low creep roofs in football stadiums and airports across the country.

The information presented in this article is based on FMI’s report on Technical Textiles Market. A free sample of the report is available for download at

Trends for Geotech Textiles in India

Building dams and roads in India demands high-quality construction mechanism. Moreover, the rising expenditure in the construction of dams and roads has stimulated the use of geotech textiles.

  • In India, the geosynthetic textiles market will continue to be reformed owing to the testing procedures undertaken by Bombay Textile Research Association as well as the enactment of government regulations.
  • Since 2015, the Indian Government has staunchly promoted the use of geotech textiles for constructing roads in the North Eastern region. The proximity to hilly areas and heavy rainfall in states such as Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura, has compelled the use of geotech fabrics.
  • In North India, the low moisture absorption, thickness and the durability of woven and nonwoven geotech fabrics has incited their use in the reinforced construction of dam embankments.
  • Furthermore, the elasticity, mechanical resistance and strength of synthetic fabrics such as polyester, glass, acrylic fibres and polypropylene has augmented the use of synthetic geotech textiles for repairing cracks in roads and other concrete structures. 

Growth Opportunities

Apart from buildtech and geotech textiles, the construction textiles market in India is expected to witness an upsurge in the use of ecotech and mobiltech textiles. Ecotech or oekotech textiles are now being used as construction textiles in building the domestic water sewage plants, and constructing the depositing area or catchment areas of dams and small reservoirs. In India, the high utilisation of nonwoven synthetic mobiltech textiles in construction of body frames in the automobile industries will continue fuelling the growth opportunities for the construction textiles market.

Authors of FMI’s report on construction textiles market can be reached at


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