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Cisco Embraced New Wi-Fi technology, Set to Revamp its Core Business

Cisco Set to Revamp its Core Business with New Wifi Technology

The world is moving towards proliferation of internet services. Today internet has become an indispensible part of our life. With more and more devices such as televisions, security cameras, smart speakers, sensors and other gadgets connected with internet. In that scenario, it is very important to ramp our technologies to offer better internet facilities.

Cisco Systems Inc, an IT and networking veteran, is rolling out hardware for the next generation Wi-Fi standards. To achieve this, it has decided to revamp its business infrastructure with an aim to gain dominance in networking business.

The success of 5G depends on New Wi-Fi Technology

The company firmly believes that the new Wi-Fi Technology will determine the success of 5G technology. This is because the technologies have links between each other.

For instance, a person using 5G on its mobile enters to a hotel with Wi-Fi 6 facility. Then the phone will auto shift to new network without a need of entering password.  Phones with 5G technology are set to launch in July 2019. The new Wi-Fi technology will complete the entire infrastructure.

To test the new Wi-Fi technology, Cisco announced new access points and switches for Wi-Fi 6. All electronic devices in the Cisco corporate campus such as phones, laptops and other devices will have links to new access points.

This will help them encounter several underline errors and glitches in the new technology and solve them at the earliest. The new Wi-Fi technology will offer a modest speed to consumers and it will also solve some of the biggest problems in current Wi-Fi networks such as blogging down.

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