Robust Production of Rolling Stock Driving the Train Seat Material Market Globally

Introduction Demand for train seats manufacturing materials such as foam, leather and fabric is expected to grow over the next eight years. This, in turn, is expected to influence the global market for train seat materials. Demand for fabric materials ... Continue Reading →
Central Venous Catheter Market

Why Textile Companies Need to Boost their Technical Textile Offerings

While weavers are trying to weave some success, the textile industry is still struggling entwined in trends. One might find choices featured on the store racks, which might not suit your taste and are tagged with inflating prices. No matter where the ... Continue Reading →
Central Venous Catheter Market

Construction Textile Market in India: Trends & Opportunities

The Indian construction textiles market is shaping up to be a profitable segment in the country’s technical textiles sector, and this progress is majorly contributed by the growing applications of buildtech and geotech textiles. Over the past few years, ... Continue Reading →
Transformer Oil Market

Rising Demand from Sports and Protective Clothing Industry Expected to Drive the Global WBT (waterproof breathable textiles) Market

WBT is the fabric which resists the passage to liquid, but allows water vapor to pass through. WBT can block snow and rain and allows vapor from sweat to evaporate and hence they can be used as waterproof outdoor, rainwear, tents, sports clothing, protective ... Continue Reading →
Set Top Box Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025

Types of Technical Textiles: Market Value & Forecast

Technical textiles are a distinct class of textiles, designed for specific applications that demand properties not found in traditional textiles. Technical textiles are used in a wide array of end-use industries, with their classification being done on ... Continue Reading →
Transformer Oil Market

Scottish Technical Textiles Manufacturer Expands Footprint in China with GBP 3 million Investment

J&D Wilkie, a company that specializes in the manufacture of technical textiles, is now looking eastward to expand its business and boost profitability. As part of this offshore growth strategy, J&D Wilkie is investing in a new GBP 3 million factory ... Continue Reading →

AASHTO Geotextile Regulations Met By Thrace Linq

The American Association of State Highway and Transport Officials (AASHTO) and the National Transport Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) in a joint venture developed a program to audit geotextiles standards.   Thrace Linq, a leading supplier of performance ... Continue Reading →