Transformer Oil Market

Thermoplastic Composites Strongest Competitors for Thermoset and Metals

Thermoplastic polymers are the polymers that can be melted, molded, and remolded without varying their physical properties. Thermoplastic composites are increasingly being used in the aerospace and defense, consumer goods, automobile, and electrical ... Continue Reading →
Truck-mounted Concrete Pump Market

Global Barite Market is Expected to Reach US$ 1.84 Billion in 2023: Transparency Market Research

Transparency Market Research has published a new report titled “Barite Market for Oil and Gas, Chemicals, and Other Applications – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2015 – 2023.” According to the report, the global ... Continue Reading →

Demand from Fiberglass Industry Set to Drive the Growth of Boron Compounds Market

Boron compounds include boric acid, borax, sodium perborate, and boron oxide. Boron compounds are refined products of boron minerals. Boron ores are mined to extract minerals such as colemanite, kernite, tincal and ulexite. Elemental boron has limited ... Continue Reading →

Rising Demand from the Transportation Industry Set to Drive the Aluminum Alloys Market

Aluminum is the second most copious metallic element found on earth’s crust. Aluminum has been conventionally used in numerous industrial applications owing to its myriad properties. Aluminum as a pure metal is used in various applications such as packaging, ... Continue Reading →

Paper and Concrete Augments Kaolin and Metakaolin Market

Kaolin is used as a coating or an additive for papers, rubbers, paints and several other industrial products. It is a soft powder. Its major use is in manufacturing of paints and paper as filler. Metakaolin is used in concrete and mortar applications. Transparency ... Continue Reading →

Overall Growth in the Paper and Plastic Industry Accelerates the Calcium Carbonate Market

Calcium carbonate is a chemical compound and is a commonly found in rocks in most parts of the world. Calcium carbonate is a main component of shells of marine animals, snails, oysters and eggshells. It is commonly used as an antacid or as calcium supplement ... Continue Reading →

Platinum Glows as an Investment Product

There has been a healthy rise in the demand for platinum as a potential investment product. It has been reported that around 40 kg of platinum was being sold by National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) with the help of an electronic-platinum scheme in the month ... Continue Reading →