Sterile Injectable Drugs- The Boon for Cancer Patients

Numerous technological advancements along with its domination in innovative drug delivery systems are stimulating the demand for sterile injectable drugs. The global market is likely to cross more than US$ 657 billion over the forecast period (2016-2024). ... Continue Reading →

Emerging Immunosuppressive Therapies Expected to Fuel the growth of the Global Uveitis Treatment Market

Rising optometric clinical practice is expected to provide an impetus to the growth of the global uveitis treatment market. Growing prevalence of uveitis with the projects on development of biological drugs is expected to fuel the demand for uveitis treatment. ... Continue Reading →

Global Crohn’s Disease Market Expected to Register 3% CAGR through 2024

Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), causes inflammation of lining of digestive tract and leads to abdominal pain, fatigue, malnutrition, weight loss and severe diarrhoea. The inflammation caused, often spreads deep into layers of the ... Continue Reading →

Global Surgical Hemostats, Internal Tissue Sealants and Adhesion Barriers Market to Witness an Impressive Growth in the Near Future

A variety of surgical sealants, glues, and hemostatic products are utilized for stopping or preventing bleeding, or reinforcing a suture line, or, closing a wound. These include mechanical hemostats, surgical sealants, fibrin sealants, flowable hemostats, ... Continue Reading →

Global Medical Fiber Optics Market to Witness a Healthy Growth in the Near Future

Fiber optics has been utilized in medical industry since many years. Physical characteristics of fiber render technology an ideal choice for several applications. Usually used for flexible image bundles, flexible light guides, equipment interconnects, ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends Propelling Demand for Bone Glue Globally

Recently, Medtronic acquired Pabban development in November 2016, however the company owed Pabban Development, a bone cement maker an amount worth US$ 15.4 Mn. In addition, Merit Medical acquired assets of Catheter Connections and Argon Medical Devices ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends Propelling Demand for Multiplex Detection Immunoassay

Drug advancement and testing quality in parallel with various examination centers for research purposes. In addition, growing geriatric population prone to commonness of chronic infections and sickness of immune system will further fuel growth of the ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Significant Trends Fuelling Adoption of Cell Free Protein Expression

In parallel to declining research and development productivity, surge in research and development outsourcing by biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies will propel growth of the global cell free protein expression market in the coming years. In ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Trends Fuelling Demand for Cardiac Pacemaker Market Globally

Every year, second hand smoke exposures cause over 8,000 deaths from strokes, as it hampers normal functioning of blood, vascular system and heart, which, in turn, increases your risks and possibilities of heart attack. Nonsmokers who are exposed to secondhand ... Continue Reading →