Platelet-rich Plasma Market Value to reach US$ 391 Mn by 2022

Platelet-rich plasma has got many applications in the healthcare industry, especially in areas such as orthopedic surgeries, treatment of sports injuries and treatment of neurological diseases, amongst others. In platelet-rich plasma therapy, a platelet-rich ... Continue Reading →

Prefilled Auto-Injectors Market Projected to reach US$ 3,616 Mn by 2022

The arrival of an array of cutting-edge biotech products coupled with the increasing preference for convenient injection of various therapeutic drugs is making a positive impact on the global market for prefilled auto-injectors. Demand for such injectors ... Continue Reading →

Genomic Personalized Health Market Expected to Reach US$ 25.1 Billion by 2025

Genomic personalized health refers to the detection of various pathogenic mutations in DNA or RNA samples for proper diagnosis and monitoring of chronic and infectious diseases. The global genomic personalized health market is growing at a rapid pace ... Continue Reading →

Medical Gas Analyzer Market to reach US$ 179.24 Mn by 2024; increasing demand for safety standards and regulatory compliances likely to boost market growth

According to the report, global medical gas analyzer market was valued at US$ 136.91 Mn in 2015 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 3.1% from 2016 to 2024 to reach US$ 179.24 Mn by 2024. In terms of volume, medical gas analyzer market was counted ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Trends Underscoring Growth Opportunities for the Proton Therapy Market

SMC is a major pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, and finished medical devices based in the U.S. that has recently acquired Oval Medical Technologies, which is a specialty pharmaceutical device company developing next generation auto injectors based ... Continue Reading →

Herbal Supplements Market in New Zealand and Australia to Grow Lucratively Via E-Commerce Platforms

A massive section of global populace is contributing to the augmenting demand for herbal supplements. This is chiefly owing to the supplementary health benefits of herbal supplements. Also, several regions are increasingly focusing on adopting novel eatable ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Trends Fuelling Growth of the Eye Health Supplements Market Globally

Everstone capital has recently invested US$ 35 Mn in OmniActive Health Technologies Ltd, which makes nutraceuticals ingredients for a significant minority stake. Moreover, Abbott Laboratories, which is a healthcare company has recently acquired St Jude ... Continue Reading →

Ingestible Smart Pills Market to Observe Maximum Demand for Smart Pills Segment In The Near Future

Increased demand for miniaturization of diagnostic disorders is significantly stimulating the market for ingestible smart pills rapidly. The market is also driven by advancements in the medical technology sector and will continue to aid the market to ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends Propelling Growth of the Europe Cryochambers Market

Recently, various healthcare-related industries are witnessed to increasingly adopt solutions for cryotherapy. Healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics are increasingly adopting cryotherapy solutions for treating patients that of cancer, ... Continue Reading →