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Businesses using Automation to get over Speed Concerns for Security

Most organizations express woes for speeds at which security issues resolved in-house, reveals a Forbes Insights survey. The survey includes more than 1,000 security executives and practitioners involved to resolve organizational security issues, in-house.

Predominantly, huge gap in detection of security loophole and corresponding response is key factor behind dissatisfaction of organizations. Elaborating on this, inability of organizations to act quickly, subject to potential harmful gap in their security solutions, is largely responsible for such dissatisfaction, added the survey.

Nevertheless, in organizational security frameworks, speed is key phenomenon for cyber security goals, traversing diverse areas. This includes provisioning of computing services and incident response.

Meanwhile, speed of detection and response of incidents or breach, directly impact brand value of organizations. Inability to address patching, along with speed at which vulnerabilities patched, directly impacts brand value of organizations. Resultantly, it subjects companies to risk of financial and reputational damage.

To address this, savvy companies have resorted to evidenced measures, to quickly respond to security incidents. This translates into efficient operations of organizations:

  • Deployment of IT – beyond self-contained, IT features expanse to serve vast business areas for critical missions. However, extended development of deployment of software applications, and hand-offs involved before software goes into production creates double thoughts for organizations.
  • Manage the cloud – with cloud now the backbone of next-generation businesses, organizations need to opt for scalable and hybrid infrastructure. The one that allows IT to select right mix of applications to attain business objectives.
  • Integrate AI in incident response – incorporating automated system for incident response (IR) and patching serves to distribute tasks of security operations centers (SOCs) of organizations.
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