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Bromium Detects US-based Malware Host and Distributor

Malware – is a blanket term for any type of computer malicious software. Apart from computer software, many online threats also fall under malware. In this technological era, cybercrime is at its peak with the massive use of IoT devices. Such common threat appears as a big challenge to many renowned organizations or businesses.

Recently, a virtualization company – Bromium has uncovered a victim of malware attack. An investigation has revealed that cybercriminals, preying on valuable data, are using many US-based web servers. Further, cybercriminals mainly target to distribute and host information stealers, banking trojans, and ransomware.

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The company has analyzed its malware-attacked data of its own and public’s data to find out the root of such malicious threats. Further dig down unveiled that the malwares are originating from web servers in Nevada and Las Vegas. Furthermore, such threats were registered under the name PONYNET and hosted on BuyVM data centers.

Bromium’s team found minimum ten types of malwares affecting the U.S. web servers. Such malicious threats are include Gootkit, Nymaim, Trickbot, AZORult, Fareit, Neutrino, Didex, Hermes, IcedID, and Gandcrab. However, the company’s further investigation on the infected documents and emails has revealed the type of the attacked-malwares. The firm has found that the malwares targeted the U.S. companies as they are all in English.

Bromium also brings the cybercriminals under the light, who use the same servers multiple times. A spokesperson of Bromium provides further insight on this discovery, saying such findings help in demonstrating the effectiveness of phishing. He also adds that the organizations need to adopt various layered cybersecurity defense to defend themselves from security breaches.

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