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Bio-Based Polyethylene for Packaging Market | Future Replacement of Conventional Polyethylene for Packaging in Long Run

Polyethylene commonly known as polyethene is very common material available on earth. Polyethylene is one of the prominently used materials for packaging of various materials. However, polyethylene has different uses, but polyethylene is a harmful material for the environment and to overcome this it has been necessary to develop bio-based polyethylene in place of polyethylene. Bio-based polyethylene is manufactured by processing of the starch, vegetable oils and sugarcane etc. and later on ethanol is vaporized. Bio-based polyethylene products are directly or indirectly derived from the microorganisms are disposable and are eco-friendly. Bio-based polyethylene for packaging products such as bottles, carry bags and others are used for packaging of various products.

Bio-based polyethylene has various advantages over conventional polyethylene such as their disposal causes less pollution. The global market for bio-polyethylene for packaging products is anticipated to grow in near future because of the high demand for the eco-friendly packaging materials which cause less harm to the environment. The Bio-based polyethylene material is used in the manufacturing of various packaging products in different industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, homecare & personal care and others. Bio-based polyethylene evolution has several benefits to the packaging industry, to the economy and to the environment.

The global bio-based polyethylene for packaging market is anticipated to grow over the forecast period due to various factors. The growth of the bio-based polyethylene for packaging is propelling due to increasing awareness towards environmental issues and manufacturers are shifting towards the development of the bio-based polyethylene material for the packaging of various products.

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The Global market for bio-based polyethylene is rising due to establishing stringent rules and regulations towards environmental pollution. Some of the bio-based products require almost half of the energy and release less amount of greenhouse gases. The demand for the bio-based polyethylene for packaging may completely replace the conventional polyethylene for packaging in long run.

However, the restraining factor which may hamper the growth of the global bio-based polyethylene market is the uncertainty in the production of the raw material used for making the bio-based polyethylene. Another factor which may restrain the growth of the bio-based polyethylene for packaging is the food crisis. Most of the developing countries are already suffering from food crisis and the production of the polyethylene from the bio-based materials.

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