Automakers Surge towards the Development of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Systems Based on CO2

The rising pollution and its adverse impact on global warming have been an indication for Mankind to get alert. If ignored, this would result in adverse effects and destroy habitats in many ways. Our environment is getting polluted not only by emissions from industries and vehicles, but also in several other ways. One of them is the use of refrigerants in air conditioning, which is harmful to the environment. Refrigerants such as CFC, R-22, and many others have been found responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer and thus prove to be a threat to the environment.Air Conditioning

In order to overcome this threat, automobile companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and Daimler have announced that they would develop a technology that would use CO2 as a refrigerant in automobile air conditioning systems. CO2 technology used in automobile air conditioning is more environment friendly compared to the other refrigerants. CO2 as a refrigerant, technically known as R744, has lower greenhouse gas effects compared to traditional refrigerants. R744 has a lower global warming potential value (GWP) of 1, which is 99.3% lower than the limit of 150 specified by the European Union. The automakers from Germany said that CO2 as a refrigerant will be used in their intact vehicle fleet in the near future.

Earlier, R1234yf was considered a more environment friendly refrigerant and was an alternative to R134a, but R1234yf is expected to be banned by 2017 and is being phased out in the EU. BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Daimler are also planning to switch to CO2 technology from R1234yf, even in the mobile air conditioning systems. Moreover, Daimler announced that it would not use R1234yf further because of the safety concerns associated with it. This refrigerant burst into flames in collision test scenarios, while DuPont and Honeywell defend it saying that it was not inflammable under similar testing conditions.

The strict legal regulations for protecting the environment and adoption of greener technology would give rise to eco-friendly refrigerants. The use CO2 as a refrigerant in vehicles will help the company to have a leading edge over other manufacturers and will thus save the environment even from pollution. Using greener technology is a step towards a better future and a cleaner environment.

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Automakers Surge towards the Development of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Systems Based on CO2, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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