Proliferation of supermarkets, hotels and cafes to drive the Refrigerated Display Cabinet Market

Refrigerated display cabinet is an equipment which is designed to display and store frozen and/or chilled foodstuffs. Transparency Market Research, a leading U.S. based Market Research firm, analyses the market for refrigerated display cabinet and predicts ... Continue Reading →

Phablets and Superphones to Revolutionize the Trend In Cell Phone Development – Market Insights

The increasing applications of mobile phones for numerous tasks such as watching movies, surfing internet, and listening music among others has been driving the demand for phablets and superphones globally. According to a leading U.S. based Market Research ... Continue Reading →

SEDA UK Investing In Blackwood Plant

SEDA UK, the Italy based food packaging firm established in 1964, is investing GBP 18 million in Blackwood over the next five years which will create 70 jobs. It’s a subsidiary firm of SEDA International Packaging Group headquartered in Naples. The ... Continue Reading →
University of Georgia

UGA Scientists create fuel out of atmospheric CO2

In a potentially a groundbreaking discovery, the researchers at UGA (University of Georgia), devised a method to transform the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere into useful industrial chemicals and alternative fuel. If the technology is put into commercial ... Continue Reading →
Green Solar Panel

‘Green’ Solar Panel Paves the Way for the Future

With depleting fossil fuel reserves and the increasing energy demand, solar energy has become one of the preferred off-grid energy resources. Looking at it superficially, solar energy seems to be environment friendly without any apparent harmful effect, ... Continue Reading →
Brewers Association

Brewers Association: Craft beer exports surged in 2012

The Brewers Association reports that craft beer exports increased by 72% in 2012 compared to 2011, reaching a total value of USD 50 million. Canada was the largest export market with approximately 140% increase in shipments in 2012. Sweden and the United ... Continue Reading →

Diamond Prices Stabilize and the Market Moves into a Stronger Position

The market for diamonds has advanced through significant irregularities since the global economic crisis of 2008. Diamond prices fell sharply owing to the economic crisis, followed by a rebound in pricing due to economic recovery after 2008. This phase ... Continue Reading →

Samsung Proves To Be a Leading Brand in The Refrigerators Market in UAE

The refrigerators market in UAE is led by Samsung Gulf Electronics Co., Ltd. The company has once again proved its leading position and excellence in the market in UAE. Samsung has been leading in the market due to its successful business strategies being ... Continue Reading →
Air Conditioning

Automakers Surge towards the Development of Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning Systems Based on CO2

The rising pollution and its adverse impact on global warming have been an indication for Mankind to get alert. If ignored, this would result in adverse effects and destroy habitats in many ways. Our environment is getting polluted not only by emissions ... Continue Reading →