Sterile Injectable Drugs- The Boon for Cancer Patients

Numerous technological advancements along with its domination in innovative drug delivery systems are stimulating the demand for sterile injectable drugs. The global market is likely to cross more than US$ 657 billion over the forecast period (2016-2024). ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends to Propel Growth of the Glycol Ether Market Globally

Mitsubishi Chemicals Holdings Corporation recently took a decision of divesting its majority stake in China PTA and Poly Tetramethylene Ether Glycol businesses, and MCPI. In addition, ethylene glycol monobutyl ether was increasingly used in range of cleaning ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends Propelling Growth of the Cryotherapy Market Globally

Growing strategic partnership among sports bodies and healthcare associations is witnessed to be a major trend governing the cryotherapy market. In addition, established players and local vendors operating in the market will play a vital role in the global ... Continue Reading →

Golf Carts -“The Canny Internal Transportation Solution”

The boost in the economic development of the country is positively impacting the urban as well as industrial growth across India. Furthermore, with many commercial as well as industrial products thriving the worldwide market, golf carts are at the evolving ... Continue Reading →

Recreational Vehicles – Modernization in the Automobile World!

A recreational vehicle (RV), popularly known as motorhome/ camper van/caravan is equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Earlier, the caravans were used for practical purposes instead of recreation. This includes offering accommodation ... Continue Reading →

Top 3 Significant Factors Fuelling Demand for Life Science Products Globally

Expanding information database and enhanced technological support due to combined research expeditions and intensive analysis on various topics has resulted in development of novel therapeutics. In addition, UPS has recently acquired a global privately-held ... Continue Reading →

How Globalization Led To The Significant Growth Of Air Cargo Security And Screening Systems Industry?

Earlier, the security check of cargo shipments was handled manually by the security guards at the airport. Further, these checks were carried to check that the ships are not breaching the cargo laws by carrying anything perilous. So, this could be done ... Continue Reading →

3 Significant Trends to Propel Demand for Cutting Equipment Market

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (IMTMA) recently organized the ‘International Seminar on Machining Technologies’ in conjunction with the IMTEX 2017 exhibition in January 2017. The seminar organized by the IMTMA will provide users and ... Continue Reading →

Emerging Immunosuppressive Therapies Expected to Fuel the growth of the Global Uveitis Treatment Market

Rising optometric clinical practice is expected to provide an impetus to the growth of the global uveitis treatment market. Growing prevalence of uveitis with the projects on development of biological drugs is expected to fuel the demand for uveitis treatment. ... Continue Reading →