Civilian Less Lethal and Self Defense Weapons Market: Growing Interest in Self-defense Merges with Tech Advancements

Civilians in North America are showing a consistent increase in concern over personal safety, especially for the feminine population. This is the prime driver for the North America civilian less lethal and self-defense weapons market, as use of a deterrent ... Continue Reading →

Self-Balancing Scooter Market: Industry Value Chain and Stakeholder Analysis

Self-balancing scooter, also called a hoverboard, is a one or two wheeled powered vehicle that balances both rider and itself on the basis of the driver’s leaning action. The in-built sensors measure the rate and pitching angle and send signals to ... Continue Reading →

Footwear Market – Adidas A.G., Puma S.E., New Balance Inc., and Asics Corp. key players holding 72.1% of Share in 2017

Global Footwear Market: Snapshot The global footwear market is rising expeditiously as footwear is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory. Not only this, the increasing demand for trendy, yet comfortable footwear among all age groups a key factor ... Continue Reading →

Diabetic Shoes Market valued at US$5.0 bn & projected to reach US$9.9bn by 2024

The global diabetic shoes market is progressive in nature as the key players are concentrating on research and development of new products as the same time when the awareness among the consumers pertaining to the availability of these shoes is increasing. ... Continue Reading →

Eyewear Market to Significantly Benefit from Ongoing Fashion Trends

Global Eyewear Market: Snapshot Eyewear consists of items and accessories used to aid in vision correction, cosmetic enhancement and protection of the eyes. These products are worn to correct and alleviate refractive errors. Eyewear market covers all ... Continue Reading →

Body Worn Insect Repellent Market – Asia Pacific Expected to Rise at CAGR of 10.43% between 2017 and 2025

Global Body Worn Insect Repellent Market: Overview Body worn insect repellent market covers all the products worn on or over the body with the aim to enhance safety from insect borne diseases. Rising health awareness for harmful diseases from the insect ... Continue Reading →

Facilities Management Market Growth Increasing due to Demand for Reduced Operational Costs

Facilities Management Market – Snapshot Facilities management services are widely used to support business activities. Facilities management involves management and maintenance of business processes for the effective and efficient delivery of services ... Continue Reading →

Mosquito Repellent Candles Market: Awareness Regarding Zika Virus and Tiger Mosquitoes Driving Uptake

Mosquito repellent candles are gradually attracting the consumers in Europe. Compared to other categories of mosquito repellent products currently available in the market such as mosquito coils and liquids, mosquito repellent candles are mainly used ... Continue Reading →

Skincare Market – Industry Strategies of Key Major Competitors & Segments

Both cosmetic and medical products constitute the global skincare market. While the cosmetic products help in augmenting beauty, the medical products help to tackle skin-related problems such as rashes. The global skincare market can be broadly segmented ... Continue Reading →