Asia Pacific Solar Micro Inverters Market Forecast and Analysis

Rising awareness on global warming has encouraged the use of renewable energy throughout the Asia Pacific region. The high manufacturing capacity of APAC industries has resulted into higher power consumption. However, owing to the strict emission standards in several APAC countries,  the adoption of photovoltaic (PV) energy systems is on the rise. As a result, the use of solar micro inverters is exhibiting considerable growth, offering a feasible alternative to inverters and power storage systems in the APAC region.

Status of Solar Micro Inverters in APAC Countries 

India is expected to emerge as one of the most lucrative markets for solar micro inverters in APAC. The emerging agriculture sector has a major contribution in India’s GDP, and has exhibited the most stringent implementation of solar inverters. In India, the irregular supply of electricity and power has turned out to be the most inducing factor for the demand of solar micro inverters. The commercial sectors in India are adopting PV installations at a broader scale. Furthermore, the Indian Government is also supporting the use of solar micro inverters as power substitutes by providing with manufacturing rollback and implementing favourable regulations.

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In Japan, the use of solar micro inverters is surging moderately, but the tedious environment regulations of JET certifications has implicated the manufacturing of solar micro inverters in Japan. Meanwhile, the increasing number of power plants has fuelled the demand for solar micro inverters having efficient AC modules in Indonesia and Philippines.

The booming industrialisation in China has inflicted challenges on the country’s power consumption levels and energy distribution systems. The demand for enhanced and highly-calibrated solar micro inverters has increased in China in order to prevent power wastage and improve the AC to DC power conversion. China’s industrial sector is also undergoing reformation owing to the country’s stern emission standards. Therefore, the existing power storage systems are expected to be replaced by PV systems that do not emit harmful filtrates.

APAC Solar Micro Inverters Market: Dynamics

The growth of the APAC solar micro inverters market is mainly driven by the growing substitution of existing inverter systems with PV systems. Besides that, the rising prices of fossil fuels is also expected to fuel the demand for solar micro inverters in the APAC region. The other factors influencing the growth of the market include,

  • Varying output requirements

The energy output requirements are highly-diverse throughout the industrial sector in APAC region. As the existing power systems fail to provide such varying power output range, the demand for solar micro inverters with flexible power-yielding functions gets soared.

  • Growing consumption of alternating current

The demand for solar micro inverters providing efficient AC-DC conversion has increased owing to the rising need for alternating current in the residential and commercial sectors of the APAC region.

  • Rising load-shading conditions

The wavering power usage has subsequently brought unbalanced power distribution across the APAC region. In order to be equipped with power in shedding conditions, the solar micro inverters play a major role for having better storage and supply capacity than existing inverter systems.

On the other hand, the inappropriate infrastructure of the current power systems in the APAC industries will restrain the thorough implementation of solar micro inverters. Furthermore, the high costs of PV installations have lowered their presence in the residential sector, limiting the growth of the APAC solar micro inverters market.

Market Segmentation

The solar micro inverters market in the APAC region is segmented on the basis of consumers and the inverter-type. Based on the consumption segments, the market is bifurcated into,

  • Urban
  • Rural

By inverter type, the APAC solar micro inverters market is further segmented into,

  • Stand Alone
  • Grid Tied

Key Contributors in APAC Solar Micro Inverters Market

The leading manufacturers in the APAC solar micro inverters market, such as Enphase Energy, are expanding the business by concentrating on the innovations and spending more capital on technological developments that can lower the production and operational costs. The key industrial contributors in the market also include companies such as Solar Bridge Technologies, Green Ray Solar, Solaredge, Universal-Power and Enecys, among others.

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