Applicability and convenience defines the global ceramic inks market !

Not long ago the building and construction as well as the automotive industries relied on screen printings on glass and tiles. The market has since gradually accepted products which are digitally printed with ceramic inks. Ceramic inks are usually highly viscous with large particle size compared to other inks. This property of ceramic inks reduced its applicability in the initial years as inkjet printers were unable to handle ceramic inks. However, with progress in digital printing technology ceramic inks have become the mainstay of the market.

Applications of ceramic printing:

Most commonly ceramic inks are used to imprint ceramic tiles and glasses. The inherent attributes of ceramic inks allow for umpteen design development along with improved functional performance. It is generally used in decorative and architectural glasses used in buildings and automotive. Ceramic prints are also commonly found in kitchen wares and food containers among others.

What drives the market?

Ceramic ink prints are achieved either through analogue printing or digital printing. Digital printing however accounts for the vast majority of the global market. The ceramic inks market is augmented by its application in building & construction (primarily for aesthetics and decoration) and automotive industries. Ceramic inks are extensively used to develop a pattern or imagery on a flat glass, and it provides opportunity to achieve a wide range of customizable options such as opacity control, slip resistance, electrical conductivity and light control. Easy applicability coupled with excellent aesthetic value has resulted in high growth of the ceramic inks market in North America and Europe. Additionally, its use in automotive applications has aided the market growth. Ceramic printing is commonly done to imprint on automotive glasses.

Where is the demand generated from?

The market for ceramic inks has grown by leaps and bounds in North America and Europe owing to the easy access to technology in these regions. However, the market growth in these regions is expected to lag behind that of Asia Pacific region. With extraordinary growth in building and construction activities as well as automotive manufacturing in Asia, particularly China, India and South East Asian countries, the ceramic inks market is set to free wings and soar high.

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