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Amazon will Echo if Thieves Enter Your House

Amazon – the tech giant is gearing up to roll out its new feature from the line of smart home. The company has named it as ‘Alexa Guard’. Amazon has put an innovative thought to the launch of Alexa Guard, which adds hope to bring the company a huge success.

Along with the smart home product, the company representing Alexa Guard to work as a home security device. However, Amazon is exclusively launching its feature to all Echo customers in the U.S. The company has set up its features in such a way that saying “Alexa, I’m leaving” activates the Echo device into listening.

Amazon ensures that the Alexa Guard’s functionality lies in listening to the key sounds. The basic feature here is called the ‘smart alerts’. Once the Echo hears any kind of noise, it sends the house owner an alert, combined with an audio recording. Moreover, the technologies used in Alexa Guard are keen to detect the noise of breaking glass and carbon monoxide alarms.

Different Sounds will Trigger Alexa to Send out Smart Alerts

A few controversies have raised on Alexa’s mics. The critics have pointed out that the design of the device’s mics ensure listening all the time. However, Amazon has cleared the misconception persuading its work with licensed contractors for breaking different types of glass windows. The company further assured that it worked on breaking glasses with distinct instruments. The intention was to create a broad range of different sounds for Alexa Guard, so that the device could accustom with all the sounds.

However, Amazon has left a room for the users of its new feature. The company offers facility with Alexa Guard, where it can go along with different smart home devices. Users with ADT pro monitoring or Ring can set this device in order to forward alerts to all their providers.

Now, Amazon is concentrating on rolling out its Alexa Guard app to all the Echo owners. The company is highly hopeful about the launch of its unique feature.

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