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Ads on Your Browser are Results of Your Digital Activity

Advertisements play an important role in shaping the inclinations and thinking of the masses. Certain advertisements are aimed at appealing to the psyche of the audiences. They help advertisers in establishing personal connections with the viewers. This in turn draws the consumers towards the product or service that companies are advertising. Advertisers are now using artificial intelligence to understand the inclinations of the masses. Furthermore, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can integrate AI tools to understand the audiences. Personality type, online search patterns, and inclinations are some aspects that are in use to categorize advertisements for users. An ad that is relevant to a particular consumer may be useless or even enraging for other.

Understanding Consumer Propensities 

The use of consumers’ digital footprint to understand their likes and dislikes has emerged as a popular trend. Social media users involuntarily dispel a lot of their preferences by searching for certain types of content, products, and services. AI tools can utilize users’ digital footprint to understand consumer propensities and inclinations. The AI tools then customize ads according to the preferences of social media users. AI tools can also gather information about users’ extroversion and introversion. Henceforth, advertisers are now in a position to display tailored ads for each social media user.

Personality Tests 

Personality tests can also come into play to understand the inclinations of the masses. However, most users are reluctant to take tests or quizzes on the internet. The five parameters that can be used to understand consumer propensities are conscientiousness, agreeableness, extroversion, neuroticism, and openness.

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