AASHTO Geotextile Regulations Met By Thrace Linq

The American Association of State Highway and Transport Officials (AASHTO) and the National Transport Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) in a joint venture developed a program to audit geotextiles standards.AASHTO


Thrace Linq, a leading supplier of performance fabrics, complied with the standards of geotextiles set by the Geotextile Technical Committee Work Plan.


The audit program consists of regulations regarding uniform standards of geotextile manufacturing for all public and private manufacturing companies, located locally or globally. The aim of the program is to provide assurance to regulatory agencies that the geotextiles manufactured and used complies with the high standards. A part of the program is the review of the company’s quality management every five years. In addition to this, an on-site audit will be held yearly for each plant of the company which has their products tested via NTPEP.


Thrace Linq was established in 2007 and supplies woven as well as nonwoven technical fabrics which are used for of textile applications in this region. The manufacturing unit and distribution center of Thrace Linq is located at Summerville, South Carolina, USA. Thrace Group is one of the key players in the world providing packaging and technical fabrics solutions and is a parent company of Thrace Linq.

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AASHTO Geotextile Regulations Met By Thrace Linq, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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