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A New Solar Panel Material to Embrace Sun More Efficiently

There’s no denial that in 21st century smart technologies have made people’s life easier and better.  With times, these technologies are evolving so fast that now, making use of renewable energy sources is not a big challenge. The invention of photovoltaic solar panels and microgrids are but a few examples. However, the new excitement arises when the scientists decide to make the existing products more efficient than ever before.

Solar panel’s functionality lies in absorbing sunlight to generate ample electricity. To make it more efficient and affordable at the same time, scientists have developed a unique material. This new material ensures better utilization of most of the abundant renewable energy. A new study in the Journal Science explains the nature of this extraordinary material, called as tandem perovskite solar cell. Moreover, in the study, scientists describe that the material is perhaps highly suitable for full-sized solar panels in future.

Perovskite Promises to Protect Earth for Future Generations

According to Yanfa Yan, a professor at University of Toledo such invention opens door to solve the world’s energy crisis. To give more weight to this statement, the researchers from the US Department of Energy assure the efficiency of this new material.  Comparing with today’s silicon solar panels, the new solar cell exhibits a sharp increase in efficiency rating. Therefore, scientists are expecting Perovskite to successfully replace the conventional silicon panels in the coming days.

This breakthrough discovery with an amazing crystal structure could be a sustainable alternative to silicon-based panels. However, the longevity of this new solar panel is still under question. Further, scientists are hopeful with this discovery of creating a peaceful future for our next generation.

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