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5G Technology: Taking Virtual Reality to Mainstream

5th Generation mobile internet or 5G is creating a lot of buzz these days. The technology, when rolls out, is set to replace current 4G mobile internet. It provides various benefits such as faster data speed, wider range, and better latency. Owing to these benefits, the 5G mobile internet has created its applications in various industries.

Industrial applications such as autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and 24×7 healthcare are few of its multiple applications. However, if someone has to invest in an industry that shall benefit the most from 5G, it should be Virtual Reality or VR.

Although coming short on hitting the targets in the early stages of the market expansion, VR is proving to be quite popular in the various industry these days.

How 5G Technology Helps VR to Gain Momentum?

Virtual Reality is a huge business and is expected to play a major role in the development of large-scale industries across the globe. However, constrained by some technological obstacles, this technology is not able to deliver at its maximum.

This is where 5G mobile internet makes all the difference. Features such as high-speed internet, low latency, and stable connection are breaking all the technological barriers that are obstructing the technology to grow. With the implementation of 5G technology, VR businesses can enhance the VR experience and make it more accessible, reliable, and interactive.

Implementation of 5G mobile internet over VR has created a whole new dimension for gaming fans. Better responsiveness provided through low latency in 5G allows gamers to enjoy 3D gaming experience.

According to Sol Rogers, CEO REWIND, the core of the technology will enable off-device computing. This in return shall reduce the power consumption, and hence the cost. Initially, VR Headsets had its connection to various components via connecting wires. With 5G, the connections are now wireless that gives 360-degree freedom of movement to the user.

With all the advantages and technological developments, 5G may be the key for Virtual Reality to go mainstream in the coming years.

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